Information technology in Danish public libraries. in: Program: automated library and information systems /ASLIB. Vol. 30, No. 2, April 1996, pp. 121-131.

Abstract: Presented are the main findings from a research project: IT in Danish public libraries (The FOLKIT-project 1993-1994), conducted at the Royal Danish School of Librarianship in Aalborg. Ten pioneer public libraries have been selected as focus libraries for depth study into their use of IT, including questionnaire to all staff members and interviewing of IT key persons and chief librarians. Following a brief overview of the history of system development in the public library sector, impact and state-of-the-art of IT in Danish public libraries are discussed. Special emphasis are on human factor issues: Implementation, IT user profiles, job satisfaction, work environment, qualifications and organizational development. Also included are information retrieval systems, management systems, task development, information politics, IT equipment and information economics. Finally, summing up the main findings, perspectives for the future use of IT are outlined.

Rev. by Pierre Evald 02.09.1998