Organizational development in Danish public libraries - computer mediated work and strategic vision. in: Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, vol. 24, no. 3, September 1992. pp. 159-168.

Abstract: The paper discusses the implementation of information technology (IT) in Danish public libraries, and the impact of IT on working conditions and organizational structure. The background for today's function-driven organization of labour is outlined, followed by a presentation of a research project (The UDFO-project), analyzing the introduction of computer mediated work in public libraries. In a survey panel, 29 key persons are interviewed on their assessments of 14 suppositions concerning organizational adaptation to IT. It is concluded, that integrated work patterns will blur the present division of labour, and a task force oriented organization will make an appropriate fit with IT. Finally, the public libraries' future use of Strategic Information Systems (SIS), Executive Support Systems (ESS) and Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) for development of products and services, are anticipated and discussed.

Rev. by Pierre Evald 02.09.1998