Articles and presentations

* OSHO Source BOOK. A bio-bibliography 1931 – 1990. Editing and Compilation: Pierre Evald. Publisher: Skawdesign, 2014-2024. 3500 textpages, with Photos, Audio and Video. Comprehensive presentation of Osho’s work and publishing. From early days in Gadarwara and Jabalpur, to Bombay and Poona I & II, including Oregon and World Tour. Based on field surveys in India and Oregon 1981ff.

* Introduction to OSHO Source BOOK. OSHONews 19.07.2022

* Een pad naar Zelf (Osho – a Path to Oneself). InZicht (Insight), vol. 24, February 2022. Page 28-35. Photos. Dutch magazine. Special issue on Osho.

* Osho Lao Tzu Library: The Library, Reading and Publishing of an Indian Bookman and Mystic / Pierre Evald. In: The Private Library. Fifth series, vol. 8, issue 2. Summer 2005. Pinner, UK. Page 73-96. With two colour plates.

* Das Osho Source Book / Pierre Evald. In: Osho Times (Germany), 2017:06. Page 52-53.

* Highly recommended: Neelam’s book on Osho (2022) reviewed on the blog of Osho Nisarga in the Himalayas. / Pierre Evald. On: www.oshonisarga.com, 2022:12.

* Book donation of Osho’s books to the British Library 2023 / Pierre Evald. On: www.oshonews.com, 2023:11.

* Osho’s First Book From His First Camp. Ranakpur Camp, June 1964 – a landmark / Pierre Evald. In: Osho World Newsletter, Vol. XII, No. 2, February 2014, page 44-46. Illustrated.

* New Treasures Discovered / Pierre Evald. In: Osho World News. Vol.IV, No.12, December 2006 (75 Year Anniversary Issue). Delhi, India. Page 23-25.

* Early Books on Osho: Veil Upon Veil… / Pierre Evald. In: Osho World Newsletter, February 2013. Page 5-7.

* Osho: The Reading, Library and Publishing of India’s Greatest Bookman / Pierre Evald. In: Festschrift to Dr. Satija. Delhi, 2008. 17 pages.

* India’s greatest Bookman / Pierre Evald. In: LOGOS – The Journal of the world book community. Vol. 12, issue 1, 2001. London, UK. Page 49-51.

* Two Tales – One Story. A review of strategic alliances and spirituality.
Essayistic review of: 1. His Holiness. John Paul II and the Hidden History of Our Time / Carl Bernstein & Marco Politi. New York, Doubleday, 1996. 582 pages. 2. A Passage to America / Max Brecher. Bombay, Book Quest Publications, 1993. In: Allah to Zen: An Insight into the World of Osho / Edited by Chaitanya Keerti & Chetan Unmani. Delhi, Diamond Pocket Books, 2000, Page 165-75. First published in 1997 on www.

* Osho: Early prints and manuscripts. Version 3.0, January 2005. 34 pages with colour photos and text. Printed for limited circulation only.

* Photo Gallery of Osho’s reading, library and publishing. 15 photos with text.

* OSHO: The Bookman-turned-Mystic / Pierre Evald. In: Library Progress (International). Vol 26, No.2 (July-December), 2006. Delhi, India. Page 109-127. Same text also printed in: Current Trends in Library Science. Chapter 53. Delhi, 2008.