The Yao

The Yao. Sources and Discussion of Ethnohistory, Cosmology and Culture.
Text. Photos. Audio. Video. References. In progress.

In progress until 2024:


Guangxi. Longsheng County. Panley, Ximen and Beimen villages. Hong/Red Yao. May 2000.

Guangxi. Sanjian County. Yu Len Shan and Zong villages. Ban Yao. May 2000.

Guangxi. Longshen area. Zongliu and Huanglo villages. Hong/Red yao. April 2004.

Guangxi. Sanjian area. Shangqu village. Hong/Red yao. May 2004.

Hunan. Jianghua and Yongzhou Counties. Panwangdian temple, Jianghua. Qianjiadong valley. Yongzhou Yao Zhn Ming Zhn (Yongzhou Museum for Yao nationality). Zishan district. May 2004.

Guangxi. Yaoshan mountains and Jinxiu. Jinxiu Yaozu History Museum. Interviews with Su Yilong and Su Xianmin, both daogong living in Jinxiu. From Liu Hang village to Gan Wang temple, Shang Gou and Xia Gou villages. May 2004.


Luang Prabang area. Ban Bouxon village. December 1998. ** (Text. Photos. Audio)

Muang Singh area. Pou Don Than cluster of villages: Oudomsin, Nam Mai, Chonka, Huay Dam and Sai Lek. March 2000.

Phongsaly area. Ban Seoropen, Ban Namma Noy, Ban Namma Gnai, Pung San and Ban Houaygnoum villages. October 2007. (Text. Photos. Audio)


Blue Mountains. Marketscene. 1997.


Yao village. Chiang Rai area. 1973. Photos.


Skagen and Råbjerg

Stenalderjægerne på Råbjerg Øen – Skagen Odde bliver til. Vendsyssel Nu & Da – 2023

Museumsstien. Tidsbilleder – til eftertanke.

Geologi og landskab. I: Naturen på Skagens Odde. 2011. 96 sider

Råbjergs natur og historie.


Full Moon Puja The Jokhang, Lhasa, Tibet. 09.07.1998pm. 42:20 min. Own recording.

UNESCO Sites – Kathmandu Valley, October 2015.

The Andaman Islanders. The last wild tribes in Asia – a state of the art report, July 1996.

Øko-turisme på Andamanerne – et tropisk naturparadis.

Naxi – pictographic script and complex religious practice

La Description de l’Egypte: Napoleon’s military and scientific campaign to Egypt 1798-1801.

Lysets ø mellem guder og uhyrer. Artikel fra Bali 1973.

Dødens dragt kan også være luerød. Artikel fra den gyldne trekant i Sydøstasien 1973.

Mekong i Laos: Opium, nagaer og kongerøgelse. 2004.

The Royal Library in LoManthang, Mustang, Nepal. Photos. 1999.

Libraries in Iceland. ** Photos.

Wat Phan Tao. ** Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photos.

Digte fra Hué / Poems fromHué / La rivière aux parfums. 1997. And from Hong Kong 30.06.97 at Chinese takeover.